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Welcome to the patients section. Our aim is to provide you with as much information as possible to assist you with either your visit to the clinic or your surgery.

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For all appointments and enquiries, please call 02 8882 9477.

Please bring along to your appointment your referral letter, unfortunately without a valid referral letter you will be unable to claim a rebate from Medicare. We will also require your private health insurance details, Medicare number and any relevant test results (CT, MRI, Hearing, Sleep study, X-ray) that you have undergone.

To help save yourself time please complete our patient registration form. If you are unable to complete our registration form online please arrive at your appointment ten minutes earlier.

If you need to reschedule an appointment, please do this as early as possible to ensure availability for another appointment and allow the appointment time to be given to another patient.

We recognise that your time is valuable, and we make every effort to run on time. Occasionally emergencies or patients require a little more time, and these cause scheduling delays beyond our control. We apologise if we keep you waiting.

Patients without private health insurance

The surgeons at Sydney Hills ENT conduct outpatient clinics and operate at Royal North Shore Hospital for anyone electing to be a public patient.

Direct General Practitioner or Specialist referrals are accepted at Royal North Shore Hospital Outpatient Department and appointments can be booked by calling 02 9926 8370.

What to expect at the hospital
  • The hospital will ring you the day before your operation to confirm arrival and fasting times (the fasting time is the time at which you have to stop drinking and eating before your anaesthetic).
  • Wear comfortable clothing, if you are booked to stay overnight bring loose fitting pyjamas and an overnight bag.
  • For children please bring some books and toys, as there may be some waiting. Here is a link to some helpful childrens videos.
  • For Adults a book to read, or an iPod/iPad can help ease the wait.
  • Bring all your usual medicines on the day of the operation, so that our anaesthetists can see exactly what medicines you are taking. You can take all you normal medicines with a sip of water except diabetic medicines (if you are on them).
  • Don’t forget all of your CT Scans/ MRI scans. In some cases of ear and nose operations, we cannot proceed with the operation without these scans as they are like a road map of your anatomy.
  • Bring your medicare card and private health fund.

We look forward to meeting you again on the day of the surgery and making the operation as comfortable as possible for you.

Tests prior to your operation

To help your Surgeon and Anaesthetist to provide the highest possible care and safety during your surgery you may require some tests beforehand to ensure that you are as healthy as possible for a general anaesthetic and surgery.

Download full PDF here.

Pre-operative nutrition

Maintaining a good diet before your surgery ensures that your body is in optimal health before your surgery. Research suggests that good preoperative health achieves the best healing results after your surgery. Please ensure that you have had adequate protein, vitamins and minerals for at least 2 weeks before your operation.

Please stop smoking for two weeks before and 3 weeks after your operation. There is very good research evidence that illustrates a worse outcome for all ENT operations if you smoke.

Download full PDF here.

Pre-operative medications to avoid

Certain medicines that you may be associate with excessive bleeding at the time of your operation. Excessive bleeding during the operation could compromise the ultimate outcome of your operation. It is therefore important to avoid any of the medications listed in the below PDF for at least 14 days (2 weeks before) before and after your operation.

Download full PDF here.

Pre-operative Information
Post-operative Information
What to bring to hospital
  • Referral letter from their GP or Specialist
  • Medicare, DVA or Pension card
  • X-Rays, MRI or CT scans
  • List of current medication
  • Copies of pathology reports
  • Medical and family medical history
  • Any allergies
Which hospitals we operate at
What if I have a more urgent problem?

If your referring doctor regards your problem as needing an urgent appointment we would appreciate a that they mark the referral as “urgent” and kindly fax or email the referral along with your personal / patient details and we will endeavor to create an emergency slot.

Fax: 02 8824 8414

Payment options

Payment for consultations can be made credit card or debit card. We apologise but do not accept AMEX. Dr Nirmal Patel does not take cash payments.
Payment for scheduled surgical procedures can be made by Credit card (there will be a 0.6% surcharge), Debit card or Direct Deposit. Account details will be available on surgical paperwork.