cure for childhood ear infections sydney

A cure for childhood ear infections

A recent article from the website “Machines like us” talks about a “cure for childhood ear infections”. Here’s an excerpt: The sleepless nights families face when painful ear infections strike kids may be over if a researcher associated with The University of Western Australia has her way….

adhd and snoring sydney

ADHD and Snoring

This article looks at the link between ADHD and snoring (poor sleep). Here’s an excerpt: A relationship between attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and sleep disordered breathing (SDB) in children and adolescents has been suggested by some authors. Yet, this topic remains highly controversial in the literature. A…

sleeping better sydney

Sleeping Better

Interested in sleeping better? Here’s a nice post on the science of sleeping, the importance of sleep and how to get a good night’s sleep. Worth a read. Here’s an excerpt: On February 13, 1972, Michel Siffre climbed into a cave in southwest Texas. It would be…

Hearing aid sydney

Do patients use their Hearing Aids?

An interesting article examining strategies that may increase the use of prescribed hearing aids. Those of you with hearing loss or those who have family members that use hearing aids may find it useful. Here’s an excerpt: WHY AREN’T YOU WEARING YOUR HEARING AIDS? Sorry for shouting;…


Noise exposure in Children and Teenagers

A recent article discusses the guidelines for limiting noise exposure in children and teenagers. Here’s an excerpt: Hearing plays an essential role in communication, speech and language development, and learning. Even a small amount of hearing loss can have profound, negative effects on speech, language comprehension, communication,…

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Quantified Microbiome

Good news regarding Quantified Microbiome, we are getting closer to monitoring our gut bacteria ourselves and seeing if there really is any damage from antibiotics. A recent article by Carl Zimmer talks about this in greater detail. Here’s an excerpt: Some of my friends are sporting wristbands…