(Surfer’s Ear)

Medical Treatment For Exostoses

Exostoses need careful management with ear drops such as Aqua Ear to help evaporate trapped water.

If an infection does occur, antibiotic or antifungal ear drops should clear up the infection. Antibiotic tablets may be required if the infection spreads into the surround tissue around the ears.

Exostoses and Chronic Ear Disease Surgery

If the exostoses are causing recurrent infections or significant conduction hearing loss, patients may be candidates for surgical removal (known as exostectomy or canalplasty).

How Is Exostectomy (Canalplasty) Performed?

Exostectomies are performed under general anaesthetic, through a small incision behind the ear. It usually takes between 1 and 3 hours to drill away the bony growths, with around 3 to 5 days recovery time away from work needed.


Exostoses (Surfer’s Ear) Surgery

Dr Nirmal Patel (Associate Professor of Surgery) performs an exostectomy (or Surfer’s Ear Correction).

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How hearing works

Video by Associate Professor Nirmal Patel.